I, like many other fans of the pop-rock genre of music, was devastated when in 2010 when Fall Out Bot (http://falloutboy.com/)announced there indefinite hiatus. During this time the group consisting of Patrick Stump( lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Pete Wentz( bass guitar and backing vocals), Joe Trohman( lead guitar) and Andy Hurly( drums) went there different ways and got involved in a variety of musical acts. Sure, these new groups and songs were great but they didn’t fill the gap which was left by them.

Then came the forth of February 2013 where the group announced their planned tour and released details of their much awaited new album Save Rock and Roll. Finally on April 12, 2013 the Save Rock and Roll album was released and debuted at Number one on the US Billboard 200.(https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/fall-out-boy/id28673423 and http://www.kalahari.com/Music/Save-Rock-and-Roll_p_47848151)

Admittedly I was worried that the album would not live up to my expectations and fond memories of the band, however it turns out there was nothing to be worried about. The time that was spent by the members in their various other projects, Stump’s solo career, Wentz’s part in the electro duo Black Cards and Hurly and Trohman helped form the mega-group The Damned Things, has resulted in all the members growing as musicians and people. This growth and change has resulted in an album which sounds unique from anything they have previously released while still managing to keep that familiar Fall Out Boy vibe that people have come to love.

As can be expected the music on the album contains strong elements of pop-punk, pop-rock, alternative rock and just general pop. The album has also been described as having “pulsating disco grooves” and stacked harmonies which are reminiscent of hair metal. Save Rock and Roll features four guest artists from various genres. Big Sean is on “The Mighty Fall”, Courtney Love is on “Rat a Tat”, Foxes is on “Just One Yesterday” but the most noteworthy appearance on the album is in my opinion Elton John’s guest vocals on the track which is the namesake of the album, “Save Rock and Roll”.

While this album may not be the saving grace of modern rock and roll as the title implies, it is for the most part a well-rounded and fun album that provides a host of great songs that with each listen will have you tapping your feet and humming the choruses for days after.


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