John Legend once again proves why he is the King of soul.

By Sanelisiwe Jantjies

If the word poise had a theme song, this would be it. After a five year long beak break from releasing a solo act, John Legend has shown us why he’s music is always worth the wait. Besides a couple of features here and there, this man has kept us in the dark about what he’s going to give us next. After this one, Chrissy Teigen, he’s fiancé will definitely be the envy of women all over the world. The album is bursting with finesse and smooth jazzy sounds that he has been famous for. Excecutive producer Kanye West produced an extravagant sound that is not overly glaring and over the top but makes sure that you pay attention to what it’s saying. John legend is incredibly polished. It’s almost like listening to pure liquid gold just spilling out of a cup.

It has a very transparent feel to it and an incredible amount of detail. Legends voice is very strong and it’s one of he’s best assets and strengths as a musician but one of the best things about he’s new material is how he does not depend on this vocal strength alone but the amazing set of instrumentals are also a build-up on the X factor element of the album. There are sounds of amazing percussion, strings and of course he’s signature sound the piano, on nearly every second song. He also collaborated with a lot of vocally sound artists, the “Angel” Interlude with Stacy Barth as well as an effortless track that may not stand out during the first listen but that will slowly get into your system would be “Who do we think we are?” featuring Rick Ross.  The album consists of sixteen songs. The deluxe version includes four extra gems with Seal, and he’s timeless voice on “We loved it”. My personal favourites are “You and I (nobody else in the world)”, “Made to love”, “All me” and “Save the night”. http://www.okayplayer.com/news/john-legend-reveals-love-in-the-future-tracklist.html

“Love in the future” has intimacy splitting at the seams. It’s a focused, consistent and sweet project. He sticks to what he knows best. Love ballads and he does them well.  One could definitely say It’s he’s best one yet. http://www.johnlegend.com/us/music/love-future


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