Forever 21

By: Correen Sityebi

British pop singer, Adele Adinks’ album 21 epitomises what it means to bring the six and sixty year old together. This album is the kind of friend you need after heartbreak and also when, you finally start re-owning yourself from that experience. This album assists one to recapture the most beautiful memories of yearning for love with songs like “One and Only”, but also allows one to embrace their heart-breaking experience a s a beautiful, profound thing, full of the necessary pain and, more importantly, allow healing while doing so.

Many pop stars have diverted away from addressing important issues through music, to catering for the audience and the trendy culture many have indulged in. It is artists like Adele are a reminder that the words “you are not alone” do exist. “Someone like you” which ultimately what moved the song to on the Billboard Hot 100 captures the moment where she realises her power again and starts taking control of her being, by not letting bitterness take away from her worth. Hearing Adele’s rough, yet melancholic tone is evidence of what her album stands for. Essentially her voice reveals the truth in mistakes, youth yet wisdom. It is not conventional and typical and suggests being held back something back, which hints of another truth just behind the veil.

Adele’s originality in this album is what makes her different from other artists. It is her, using music as diary of her heartbreaks and shares it with the listeners in hopes that she is speaking to many wounded or lonely hearts. She does it very genuinely and bravely but manages to elicit real feelings and the power to inspire and sustain and move. It is safe to say that with 21 Adele caused a revolution in the music industry. She sings so believably, that her music does not die out because heartbreak is a constant reoccurrence in the world which people can relate to. This album is a shoulder to cry one when loneliness haunts you with songs like “Rolling in the deep”, but also a platform to heal with and realise the existence of happiness with “I found a boy”.

In my opinion Adele is the woman who finally faced the big white elephant in the room. Her courage to let others heal with her is very humbling. Adele inspires people to defeat darkness and also allow ourselves to release tears and then to smile in the next moment.


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