1. Parliament has heard that the cash strapped Tshwane mail center is on the brink of collapse. This story is important as it is a follow up of to one of my previous links when the worker strikes first began.

2.  SA Oceans could create 1 million jobs President Zuma claimed that this could happen if the oceans are managed and exploited in order to drill oil and possibly gas.  This story is important as if what the president says is true not only will it create jobs but it could hugely benefit the South African economy.

3.  Post Office strikers too scared to go to work.  This is also a continuation of the post office strike. Workers protesting outside the Tshwane mail center claim they feel threatened as strikers have been throwing rocks through the windows of those workers who have chosen to come to work. This story is important as the strike is growing and now becoming potentially life threatening.


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