While the protests for free democratic elections in Hong Kong is being reported as the next ‘people’s revolution’ questions are being asked that challenge this.

An article from Tony Cartalucci, posted at New Eastern Outlook, examines the international players that serve as the economic and intellectual backers of these protests and questions their motives in the country.

The article claims that a number of influential players in the Occupy Central movement have been involved with US sympathetic organisations and Democratic institutes. According to the article the figurehead of this movement, Joshua Wong Chi-fung, has been tracked as part of an NDI (National Democratic Institute) initiative and may now be serving to further their cause in China. NDI is a US  funded and organised body.

This has raised questions as to the legitimacy of this movement, and whether or not it represents an escalation of the American geopolitical strategy to destabilise China and bring it into the democratic market.

Now, this may not all be true but I find it compelling as this article comes from an Eastern based press, from a journalist who himself is not Chinese, and has only been living there a number of years. in this it is a compelling look from an outsider-insider perspective.

Read the full article here: http://journal-neo.org/2014/10/01/hong-kong-s-occupy-central-is-us-backed-sedition/

Zack Vye

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