This image was captured at a pro-feminist protest march. The caption on the picture provides some (horribly worded) context; the Headline I’ve posted is the original wording I saw pasted on the image when I first found it some years ago.

For me this image speaks to the inane ridicule that is often levelled towards feminists efforts at redress, often on behalf of a male looking to detract from these efforts in the most obscene and boorish ways possible.

For me this image speaks to the skewed perceptions of the feminist movement that have cemented themselves due to uncultured acts of perversion as displayed by this man. To someone unfamiliar with the tenets and ethos of feminism this image may set a biased tone. What this image shows then is a violent reaction, on the part of the feminists, to a buffoonish looking man revelling in the ecstasy of his power. Without context though (in a world of ever increasingly de-contextualised sensationalism) this image is an excuse why feminism is unreliable; ‘Oh just look at how angry and violent those women are, so much for gender equality.’

So, for me, the crux of this issue is how do we make the challenging of a world-culture of patriarchy a viable option when everyone is all to happy to laugh at the antics of the class clown.

Zack Vye

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