On March 13th 2013, the global cannabis march took place in Cape Town. I find the war on legalisation medical marijuana is one of great political and social conflict. Gathering of so many different cultures (Rastafarians, Afrikaans, Coloured) to unite for one purpose, truely shows that this is a big problem in South Africa and around the world.


Here we see to different sides of legalising marijuana. This woman is clearly oblivious and ignorant to what is happening around the world, its a big statement to say , but she needs to realise that the wheel of stopping the marijuana prohibtion is already in motion.


Emma Watsons HeforShe campaign speech deals with feminism in the proper way it should by putting out that gender inequality is as much a female problem as it is a male problem in todays day and age. This speech has made waves on the internet as it is trending on many different types of social media including Twitter and Facebook.


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